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Oceanogami is an international marine environmental consultancy network of multidisciplinary professionals for ocean sustainability. 

We are a stakeholder liaison between the private sector, NGOs, academia, government and other sectors involved in the use of the marine environment. We use multidisciplinary approaches to find effective solutions for environmental and social challenges related to sustainable coastal and marine management.

Oceanogami starts each new project without a pre-established framework. Instead, we focus on opening dialogue channels between institutions, stakeholder groups, and academic disciplines in order to develop solutions that are adapted to each specific project and client, using of state-of-the-art tools and methodologies for scientific data analysis, stakeholder engagement, and process management.


Marine Protected Areas

We provide services relating to environmental, social and cultural aspects of Marine Protected Areas

Consultancy Services

We provide multidisciplinary scientific support related to all stages of marine environmental protection and marine spatial planning processes.

Capacity Building

Oceanogami can help you develop technical knowledge as well as essential management and leadership skills

Events organisation

Oceanogami organises events such as conferences and workshops focused on marine conservation.


Oceanogami can help you deliver your ocean-related messages more effectively.

Current projects


Engaging partners and building collaborative networks to create Marine Protected Areas.

Marine debris

Engaging citizens, companies, NGOs and governments to find solutions for marine litter.


Supporting capacity building programs and strength links amongst fishers.

Mission & Vision

Oceanogami : "The spirits and natural forces of the oceans"

"Oceano" is the Spanish term for ocean and "Gami"  (Japanese: 神, [kaꜜmi]) are the spirits, elements of the landscape as well as forces of nature.

"Our mission is to bequeath enjoyable, pristine and inspiring seas to future generations"

At Oceanogami, we believe in the concept of a "Blue Society", a vision for society in which people benefit from the ocean while preserving its environmental integrity. Thus, we take a multidisciplinary view, in which cultural, social, environmental and economic needs are integrated with environmental objectives in order to create truly sustainable solutions. We also believe in the importance of developing professional and personal skills among the actors participating at any level in marine environmental management.
Mission & Vision Mission & Vision

The Team

Patricia Martí Puig

Co-founder and Principal Consultant. Spain.

Ph.D. Biodiversity and Evolution

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David Cabana

Co-founder and Principal Consultant. Italy.

Ph.D. Marine Ecology

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Ana Verónica García Condo

Consultant. Ecuador.

Fisheries and capacity building

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Daniel Rolleri

Consultant. Spain.

Marine debris and awareness campaings

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Louise Lieberknecht

Consultant. Spain.

Marine planning and sustainability management

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Ana Belén Yanez

Consultant. Europe.

Marine conservation and research

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