Trainings and Talks

Oceanogami can offer scientific and technical training tailored to your specific circumstances. We can cover a wide array of marine environmental topics at different levels, from general knowledge to postgraduate level, including:
  • Biodiversity. Measuring, mapping and monitoring biodiversity.
  • Marine ecology. Basic marine ecologyl concepts, including marine habitats, oceanography and its impacts on marine life, the connectivity of marine populations, and the most important human impacts on the ocean.
  • Marine conservation. Key threats to the marine ecosystem, and basic principles for the protection of marine ecosystems.
  • Deep-sea ecosystems. Basic understanding of what is known about deep-sea ecosystems, the methods used to study them, and major current research questions. 
  • Coral-reef ecosystems. Coral biology, reef biodiversity, drivers of coral reef degradation and coral conservation/restoration efforts.
  • Marine Protected Areas. The scientific basis for marine protected areas and their impacts on the wider ecosystem.
  • Marine litter. The impact on marine life, threat to humans, and possible approaches for addressing the problem.